Available Services

The following list of services is just a sample of the home management solutions that we can provide.

We would love to arrange a meeting with you so that we can discuss your specific needs and develop a personalized home management plan.

* Source, select, and manage contractors We can take the hassle out of home upgrades by coordinating any required contractors for the job and monitoring their work

* Supervise scheduled services We can monitor any service calls or scheduled maintenance appointments at your home such as pool cleaning, lawn care, appliance repairs and renovations.

* Monitor and maintain your home while you're gone We can collect your mail, start and move your vehicle, check for water damage, ensure that your furnace and air conditioner are operating properly, and more. These simple gestures will give the impression that your house is lived in and will ensure you have no surprises when you return home from a vacation.

* Check for unexpected damage and coordinate repairs We can check on your home after severe weather events to ensure that there was no physical damage to your property. If repairs are necessary, we can - with your input - coordinate the work so that you arrive home to find your house just as you left it.

* Prepare your home for your arrival We can purchase essential grocery items and adjust your thermostat so that you have less to worry about when you return home.